Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tribute to a lost friend

Nick Lowe (4/6/69 - 3/8/12)
This week I received the truly sad news that my friend and musical collaborator Nick Lowe ended his life on 3rd August 2012.

Although Nick had battled for many years with his personal demons, recent times he really appeared to be on a positive path, and was fitter in mind body and soul each time I saw him. This made the news all the more shocking and hard to grasp.

Nick was a prolific songwriter and had a way with song structure that I always found intriguing. He was also totally fearless when it came to melody writing, simply reaching for the note he wanted regardless whether it was in his range or not - this was to his credit, and always produced interesting results. To me his melodies never felt stale or predicable because of it.

Best of all for me as a producer he was totally open to trying new ideas and styles for his songs - giving me freedom to take the song in the direction I heard in my head. He was always keen to receive critique of his new ideas and like a sponge for tips and techniques on how something might be improved.

We spent endless hours talking about music in general, and each others song writing efforts in particular. Sadly in the 9 years I knew him we only managed to finish 8 studio recordings of his songs.

At the time of his death, I had a demo of his in my 'to-do' list which I had promised him I would turn into an upbeat modern pop/disco track. I had loved the song first time I heard it, but had not found the time to work on the track.

Inspired by the sad events, I set about finishing the song using the guide vocal from the original demo he had given me. He never got to hear this version, but I think he would have loved it.


This ones for you Nick - Rest easy now my friend


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